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Building/designing a bank from scratch

Banking is ripe for revolution

Banking is an errand, it's like getting groceries or going to the post office

How can I simplify the errand and deal with the emotional aspect of money

Educational about money combined with simplicity

What's the mission? Is it to enrich the bankers? Economic development? Consumer oriented?

Getting capital: Is it a need or is it a want?

Is it too paternalistic to deny loans because they're frivolous

CUs used to promote thrift and responsible money management as a core value

Decoupling educational aspects from sales and service functions

Cannot moralize money, we all make individual choices

Our job is to make sure we don't let people overextend themselves

Is people's financial well being more important than their liberties?

People's economic well being is the same as freedom

Consumer choice is the important freedom

Educating about thrift is part of financial independence

Building a financial institution is viable and flexible that takes people's personal circumstances into consideration

Is the purpose to foster a better society?

Helping members get our of debt so they have more income to spend and create wealth

The goal of a CU should be not to exist, if people are debt free, they can do interesting things with their money

Make this about freedom

Payday lending is a criminal activity because its stealing from the poor

Start at the beginning: What is the purpose of money?

Shifting the mindset: allow people to collaborate and associate to make communities better by using their money

Have we lost the common bond of our CUs?

The FI's self interests cannot supersede the needs of the members/consumer

Growth becomes the mantra, and growth covers a multitude of sins

How we define community has changed, so a common bond CU could be defined around totally different ideas of community

Create a universal set of values in financial community that are required in order to build a sustainable economy and therefore sustainable freedom


In order to have a sustainable world we have to sacrifice something

What do I have to give up to live in this world?

Broaden dramatically what is going into the accounting picture (economic, social, environmental)

FIs have to mirror the myriad of communities we associate with

Money is a social network

Change the dynamic that return on investment is the sole purpose of a bank, look at it in terms on return on liberty, democracy, freedom

Access to appropriate financial tools is a right

We need to be able to change the ay we think about our interaction with money

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