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From consumer to co-creator

Create a slider to choose the exact combination of benefits that creates the primo product for the specific consumer

But the Paradox of Choice comes in, are you giving flexibility or just bogging down consumers with more useless choice

Allow consumers to define what's important to them and companies have a process to develop innovation based on open feedback

Risk management - changing Facebook settings has no downside, but rearranging your mortgage terms and aspects can screw you up

Understand your consumers /segments relationship to fees, goals, debt, etc...

Co-create products based on research/segment need and value

People co-create based on their passions, either harness their interests or hire those who are passionate

Why would you pay a fee to a bank if you have to co-create?

Co-creating has to be based on servicing goals people have and offer them solutions

Mashup between interests in your personal networks and find the perfect product based on their actual interests, network, location, passions

Find meaningful questions to consumers based on their transactional data

Ask them questions instead of pushing products and offers

See that customer is traveling, ask them a poll around their activity (will you be traveling more in the future?) and then tailor offers based on polling

Honest branding based on values can lead to co-creation because it's easier to understand your brand evangelists

Offer a product that doesn't make sense anywhere else, based on location, values, audience

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