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 There were not enough attendees to hold a session. Here are the prepared notes for the session.


What credit unions want from 3rd party suppliers  (and vica versa)


  1. The understanding of who we are - a financial co-opeative, one where service is the key element.
  2. How your actions wil directly affect our membership - this is sometimes the uneasy alliance, we need your assistance in maintaining the relationship we have built up with our members.
  3. Contracts that are negotiable - written in plain English, not written as risk free for either party.
  4. Flexibility - for both parties.
  5. Penalties for non-performance - when it gets serious there needs to be some final accountability.
  6. For co-operative system providers - when things get bad don't hoist the co-operative flags and expect us to dance around the flag pole, accept your responsibility.
  7. The need for a professional project plans that are mutually developed and agreed upon - pre-planning, dynamic planning, post-phases.
  8. An expectation on both parties that understanding and dialogue of the 'unkknowns' be honest.
  9. Long term partnerships - pricing is important but service is key we are in it for the long haul.
  10. Fair pricing - everybody understands up front the extra costs that will come when they become known.
  11. Accessibility - get around the telephone tag syndromes, weekly/bi-weekly fixed time conference calls, emergency calls with cell phone numbers.
  12. Prompt billing for prompt payment - give us understandable billing.
  13. Our ability to become your biggest evanglelist - we'll bring you business but understand we are putting our reputation on the line.
  14. Keep in touch - even after the job is complete you will probably be our ongoing contact for the expertise you have in your field.
  15. Creativity, innovation and 'right brain' users - MBA's are numerous and uselful but beyond the quantitative measure we need qualitative measures.
  16. Tell us your story about your future and your visions - just where will you be in 5 years, are your an 'organic' growth type or a 'facebook' type growth?



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