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Loyalty Economies and the Net Promoter Score

Denise Wymore



Satisfaction?! Credit Unions are Errands... how do you measure someone's satisfaction with an errand? Additionally, satisfaction is subjective and not a unit measurement.


Satisfaction Indexes of 1 to 5 are flawed.



Loyalty Economics, as talked about in Ultimate Question by Fred Reichheld...



The main question in Net Promoter Scores is "On a scale of 0-10, how likely are you to recommend your product to a friend, and family members?" (a snazzy quantitive question)

This is followed by a qualitative question of "Why?" This is about reputation, and should be managed much more than once a year. Preferably *monthly*.



Score Breakdown

0-6 - Detractors

7-8 - Passives

9-10 - Promoters


Net Promoter Score = P - D


Promoters minus Detractors - (are these sums of scores of counts of categories)?



(Who made this quiche?! - Looking for a label so they can get it or suggest it is a mark of a promoter)


"Organizations don't have Values, People do."


"Show me what you measure, and I'll show you what you value..."



Value         ->    Culture                    ->    Action             ->    Reputation

Values        ->    Measure/Manage     ->    What you do   ->    What you are known for

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