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Social Media

Bridging the gap between social media and the real world

Avoiding the bubble where the cool ideas are only relevant to the nerds and marketers who get what the action is

Are we bringing it to the masses?

How do you calculate the ROI of a phone

All Social Media projects are inherently authentic

Cool Tool - everything you buy becomes a potential lead generation for all your peers

Facebook is about the hookup, mySpace is about the fame

Concern may be ensuring authenticity if people start getting paid for their leads

Bypasses the marketing loop where companies tell you they're good, and decentralizes that function to the brand evangelists

The receiver of the advice awards purchaser points which get them money from participating companies

Twitter makes someone more likely to ask advice, it's open, not wasting anyone's time, the informality makes it easier to get small random bits of information

People feel more comfortable in Twitter because it's authentic. LinkedIn is the opposite

Even AIM pushes it out, while Twitter allows someone to check it

Email pushes, RSS allows people to check it

These tools create greater authenticity, not room for marketing

That's what makes these tools powerful, because the authenticity cuts through the clutter of marketing pushed at you

The more information we get thrown at us, the more we need trusted advisors - that is the explanation of the social web. We now have so much information coming at us, that we need help sifting through it all, and web 2.0 allows you to collaborate and find those trusted advisors and connect with them as needed.

AIM bombards you, takes you away from the task at hand and creates private mini-conversations, while Twitter allows you to check it and broadcast messages.

Twitter allows you to maintain long distance relationships, because you're getting broadcast updates so when you get together you can skip all the catching up and move the relationship forward.

Social Media can make a more accountable, transparent, authentic organization , that can follow executing a project like changeeverything.ca

Wesabe is on their way to $1Billion in transactional data

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